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NCA Forum Meeting

The next Newtown Community Association Forum Meeting will take place 10am-12noon at the Belmont Park Hut on Saturday 21st November. 

Dr Niall MacLeod will give a short presentation on 'Bridging the Health Service/Community Gap' about developing ideas to deliver health care in partnership with community organisations.

Galvin Short will speak on changes needed to move a path in Belmont Park to protect the Plane trees.

The agenda will also include updates on NCA events, the hut and future plans. Newtown Councillors and Exeter University student community liaison representatives will be there too. If you have something to say or are just keen to listen please come along.

All are welcome. Hopefully you can stay around afterwards for tea or coffee and a chat with your fellow community members.

Click here for the agenda

Christmas Fayre

If you would be interested in having a stall at the Christmas Fayre please contact: (stalls costs £7).

And perhaps you could print a copy of the flier for public display somewhere?

Exeter Community Forum

Exeter Community Forum would like your help in developing a community strategy for Exeter.

New housing development is planned for many areas of the city, and developers now have to pay a levy to provide for community facilities. The Exeter Community Strategy will make plans for the future of the city over the next 10 years, and say how this money should be used to improve and develop local communities.

If you'd like to read more about this please see

The next stage of the process is a series of 5 local events bringing together communities affected by development and those areas where there won't be so much.
Each of these events is an opportunity for people to: 

There​ is an upcoming event focusing on St David's/ Newtown and St Davids, open to anyone who lives or works in the area. You may be a volunteer, work with communities or have an active interest in the future of our community - this event is important to help shape our future.  Please do come along and bring a friend!

St James - Help Decide The Future Of Your Community St James Park Football Ground Thu, 12 Nov 2015 at 18:45

​Please sign up to the St Davids /St James/ Newtown ​event at

Café News and the Food Festival

On Sunday 16th August we had a lovely relaxed afternoon at the cafe at Belmont Hut. The weather was dry and so we sat outside and listened to some wonderful music from Flute cake and Detor. Thank you to all those who volunteered to help in the kitchen, cook those gorgeous cakes and who entertained us for free. Plus Sparkly Sonia who did face painting and kept the children happy so adults could stay longer.



Vision (New Hut) Project Update

Exciting news that the challenge to raise funds for the new building ‘Vision’ project to replace the current hut in Belmont Park has received a boost with a pledge of £20,000 from the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation.  This follows an application submitted last autumn and a presentation given by members of the NCA and user groups in February both of which were well received and have resulted in this positive outcome.  The pledge is conditional on the target sum of £552,500 being raised in the next 12 months and so a real challenge lies ahead!  The total sum raised so far is now £147,000 and work is ongoing to close the gap.  With help from fund raising specialists at Exeter University, it is hoped to resubmit an ambitious bid to the Big Lottery Fund in the next few months and a range of bids to other community funds will be submitted alongside this.  It is very much hoped that the vote of confidence shown in the project by this latest pledge will encourage other funders to support us too.  If you are a user of the hut or indeed a potential user, a letter or e-mail of support for the project including a statement of how you or your group will benefit would be most helpful.  Please contact any of the committee members with contact details on the NCA website

Newtown Community Arts Group

Regular Sessions Mondays 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Open to Newtown residents of all ages and abilities - come and have fun, meet your neighbours and try out different art and craft activities. It's all FREE, funded by the People's Health Trust.

Contact to find out if you are in the funded area or pop along to a session. Photos and more information are on our Facebook page:

NCA Events Facebook Page

Booking the Hut

Belmont Hut, in the middle of Belmont Park (or Belmont Leisure Ground, if you will) is a fabulous community resource and the focus of many community events and activities. You can book the hut for your event. All the details are on the Hut Bookings Page. The calendar will tell you which slots are currently available.



Due to the Great West Run using the hut we are sorry but there will be no Qigong session on Monday 19th October 2015.

Also, due to the half term break there will be no sessions on Monday 26th October nor Thursday 29th October.

Back to normal every week on the 2nd November 2015!

See the Qigong page for details

Social Cafe

See Social Café page for details


That's right, see the Choir page for details!

Sensory Garden

Sensory GardenDid you know that the sensory garden in Belmont Park is certainly the oldest in Britain and thought to be the oldest in the world? The community association has been involved in its recent relaunch. Check this out.






New Hut Small
Click here for more about the Vision Project

The Newtown Community Association

The Association exists to bring the wider Newtown community together by providing an affordable venue for activities and events.

We are based at The Hut in Belmont Park, Exeter, which we operate for groups, families and individuals to use as a venue for all kinds of activities and events.

We also organise or host events ourselves from time to time and take part in larger events in the park such as the Respect Festival.

How Can You Help?

We are ALWAYS looking for people to get involved in whichever capacity suits them from making cakes to editing the web site!

If you have skills to offer contact the Secretary ( or call 01392 272793


Next association meeting

Our next open meeting is provisionally set for Sat 23rd May at 10:30 am in the hut subject to confirmation.

Find minutes of previous meetings here.