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Open Forum Meeting

Our next open forum is this Saturday, the 23rd of May, at 10:30 am in the hut. Abigail Grace of the Devon Refugee Support Group will be addressing the meeting. You can download the agenda here. 

Please collect tokens

The Newtown Community Association Social Cafe has got through to the last 43 groups in the Cash for your community in the Express and Echo. Please could you collect the tokens if you buy the Express and Echo and send them in by the 31st May if you are willing to support us. There are tokens in the papers on both Mondays and Thursdays (and have been for the last three weeks, if you still have any old papers). The tokens will become doubles, triples or so as the weeks go on.
The last tokens are printed on the 28th May.

The tokens can be sent in to the Express and Echo office in Little Queens Street Exeter EX4 3LJ, as explained in the paper usually on the same page as the tokens. There is a form you need to send them in with. Or, if you want to drop them off to me do please drop them in through my door at 20 Clifton Hill by 29th May at the latest and I will add them to the others given to me.

Thank you in anticipation.
Su Aves

Vision (New Hut) Project Update

Exciting news that the challenge to raise funds for the new building ‘Vision’ project to replace the current hut in Belmont Park has received a boost with a pledge of £20,000 from the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation.  This follows an application submitted last autumn and a presentation given by members of the NCA and user groups in February both of which were well received and have resulted in this positive outcome.  The pledge is conditional on the target sum of £552,500 being raised in the next 12 months and so a real challenge lies ahead!  The total sum raised so far is now £147,000 and work is ongoing to close the gap.  With help from fund raising specialists at Exeter University, it is hoped to resubmit an ambitious bid to the Big Lottery Fund in the next few months and a range of bids to other community funds will be submitted alongside this.  It is very much hoped that the vote of confidence shown in the project by this latest pledge will encourage other funders to support us too.  If you are a user of the hut or indeed a potential user, a letter or e-mail of support for the project including a statement of how you or your group will benefit would be most helpful.  Please contact any of the committee members with contact details on the NCA website

Newtown Community Arts Group

Every Monday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Open to Newtown residents of all ages and abilities - come and have fun, meet your neighbours and try out different art and craft activities. It's all FREE, funded by the People's Health Trust.

Contact to find out if you are in the funded area or pop along to a session. Photos and more information are on our Facebook page:

NCA Events Facebook Page

AGM Change of Date

It has been agreed to revert to AGMs early in the calendar year to enable us to approve audited accounts before they have to be submitted to the Charity Commission. 

The AGM will now take place on Saturday 21st February 2015 from 10.30am-12pm.

Booking the Hut

Belmont Hut, in the middle of Belmont Park (or Belmont Leisure Ground, if you will) is a fabulous community resource and the focus of many community events and activities. You can book the hut for your event. All the details are on the Hut Bookings Page. The calendar will tell you which slots are currently available.


See the Qigong page for details

Social Cafe

See Social Café page for details


That's right, see the Choir page for details!

Sensory Garden

Sensory GardenDid you know that the sensory garden in Belmont Park is certainly the oldest in Britain and thought to be the oldest in the world? The community association has been involved in its recent relaunch. Check this out.






New Hut Small
Click here for more about the Vision Project

The Newtown Community Association

The Association exists to bring the wider Newtown community together by providing an affordable venue for activities and events.

We are based at The Hut in Belmont Park, Exeter, which we operate for groups, families and individuals to use as a venue for all kinds of activities and events.

We also organise or host events ourselves from time to time and take part in larger events in the park such as the Respect Festival.

How Can You Help?

We are ALWAYS looking for people to get involved in whichever capacity suits them from making cakes to editing the web site!

If you have skills to offer contact the Secretary ( or call 01392 272793


Next association meeting

Our next open meeting is provisionally set for Sat 23rd May at 10:30 am in the hut subject to confirmation.

Find minutes of previous meetings here.