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Next Social Café

13th July at 10.30am til 12 noon in Belmont Hut, Belmont Pleasure Ground, Newtown, Exeter.

Please do come to Newtown Community Association's free café to hear Tricia Summers on The Casualties Union –  Adding Extra:  How realism helps the training of the emergency services and others.

Tricia's talk, at 10.45am, is about the charity that supplies people to act as casualties in emergencies and disasters simulated for training purposes. She will give an insight of what it is like to be involved.

Young people in Exeter: have your say!

Exeter’s a great place and the council want to provide the best possible opportunities for the young people who grow up in the city. 

Exeter Community Forum, Devon County Council  and Exeter City Council are working together on a plan to help make this happen.

They need your help in reaching young people and encouraging them to take part in the survey.

The deadline for young people to complete the survey is FRIDAY 15TH JULY.

They’d like to hear young people’s own views about what they like and dislike and what they want to see improved in the city. What you tell them will help to plan for the future, they want to hear from as many young people aged 11-19 across the city as they can.

Please complete the questionnaire below and share the survey with your friends.
The results of the survey will be published along with the overall plan later in 2016.

If you would like to know more about the Exeter Youth Strategy process please get in touch with Their co-ordinator, Gill Millar ( 

The survey is anonymous and young people cannot be identified through their responses.

Sama is safely delivered...

Fiona and Su delivered Sama the rhino to Paignton Zoo on Wed 8th June. So exciting! Sama was happy to be left there and will join all the other rhinos while they wait to go to the Trail in Exeter and Paignton at the end of July! 

Apparently there will be a day when all the large decorated rhinos are out together at the zoo and that it is well worth seeing them all together so look out for that in the advertising by the zoo. 

Sama the beautiful rhino introduced at NCA café

We were recently treated to cake, felt making and a visit from Rachel, who works at Paignton Zoo. Rachel talked engagingly about the conservation of endangered rhinos. Rhinos come from various parts of the world in various shapes and sizes and are at varying levels of endangerment, sadly, from simply endangered to already extinct in the wild.

And we met Sama our model baby rhino, painted as part of the Newtown Community Art Project. Sama will become part of the Great Big Rhino Trail which will be coming to Exeter this summer.

To find out more about the rhino project, see our rhino project page.

Vision Update spring 2016

It has been two years now since the city council and county council pledged nearly £150k of New Homes Bonus and Section 106 funding to seed fund the Vision project for a new community building in Belmont Park to replace the aging current building managed by Newtown Community Association on behalf of the community. The proposed new building, which received planning permission, was ambitious and potentially very expensive and the decision was taken to employ a fund raising company to assist with raising the rest of the funds (over £500k). The project received an encouraging grant of £20k from a charitable fund last March to add to existing ECC grants bringing funds promised to a total of £167k. However since then grant bids to Exeter Legacy Fund, Jewsons Community Action and Garfield Weston Fund have all been unsuccessful. The Big Lottery Fund is proving too big a challenge despite assistance from a fund raising specialist at the University and so it has been decided by the committee to pursue a less expensive building option and tenders are being sought. The intention is to maintain the scale of the building but reduce the ambition of the build quality. A significant funding challenge remains but new possibility of grants related to student accommodation development exist. Anyone who would like to be involved in this project is invited to contact NCA Chair Rory McNeile on 07941 200269.

Gosh! Is that a Gingko Biloba?

Can you spot the three new trees planted in Belmont park by the city council? They were planted recently to replace the London Plane that had to be removed. They are: a Gingko Biloba (the maidenhair tree); a Liquidamber and a Veitch Crab Apple Tree.

The crab apple will give some colour for the spring and the Ginko and Liquidamber will brighten up the park with some Autumn colours.

FREE! NCA Social Café

The next Newtown Community Association free Social Cafe on Wednesday 11th May 10.30 - 12 noon  Anyone is welcome to come to the cafe. 

The last talk, in March, by Ray Bushell from A H Jones Investigators Ltd based in Clifton Road, Exeter, was well attended by 20 people. Thank you to Ray it was very interesting and those at the cafe asked lots of questions afterwards.

On 13th July the cafe will have a talk by the Charity which supplies people to act as casualties for the Emergency Services to practice their responses to a disaster.

if anyone has any suggestions for further talks, and who might give the talk, please do let Su Aves know on 01392 272793.

See also the Social Café page

Fancy getting involved with the NCA?

... meeting more of your neighbours and playing a key part in helping to keep our Community Association thriving?

If you are a great organiser & communicator who enjoys being part of a welcoming team you would be just right in the role of committee secretary. It's your job to keep an eye on things, responding to enquiries and helping the committee to function well. You will also be a trustee. This is a voluntary position.

Click here for the secretary role profile.

Click here for information about being a Newtown Community Association trustee.

Contact Su at for further information.


Seretary AD

Click here for the secretary role profile.

Click here for information about being a Newtown Community Association trustee.

Contact Su at for further information.

Exeter Community Forum

Exeter Community Forum would like your help in developing a community strategy for Exeter.

New housing development is planned for many areas of the city, and developers now have to pay a levy to provide for community facilities. The Exeter Community Strategy will make plans for the future of the city over the next 10 years, and say how this money should be used to improve and develop local communities.

The next stage of the process is a series of 5 local events bringing together communities affected by development and those areas where there won't be so much.
Each of these events is an opportunity for people to: 

  • Find out more about the strategy and the developers’ levy and how it could affect your community
  • Have your say about what your neighbourhood needs (whether or not there will be development happening locally to you)
  • Have your say on how the money from the developers’ levy should be used.

If you'd like to read more about this please see

Newtown Community Arts Group

Regular Sessions Mondays 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Open to Newtown residents of all ages and abilities - come and have fun, meet your neighbours and try out different art and craft activities. It's all FREE, funded by the People's Health Trust.


Contact to find out if you are in the funded area or pop along to a session. Photos and more information are on our Facebook page:

NCA Events Facebook Page


Booking the Hut

Belmont Hut, in the middle of Belmont Park (or Belmont Leisure Ground, if you will) is a fabulous community resource and the focus of many community events and activities. You can book the hut for your event. All the details are on the Hut Bookings Page. The calendar will tell you which slots are currently available.


See the Qigong page for details

Social Cafe

See Social Café page for details


See the Choir page for details!

Sensory Garden

Sensory GardenDid you know that the sensory garden in Belmont Park is certainly the oldest in Britain and thought to be the oldest in the world? The community association has been involved in its recent relaunch. Check this out.






New Hut Small
Click here for more about the Vision Project

The Newtown Community Association

The Association exists to bring the wider Newtown community together by providing an affordable venue for activities and events.

We are based at The Hut in Belmont Park, Exeter, which we operate for groups, families and individuals to use as a venue for all kinds of activities and events.

We also organise or host events ourselves from time to time and take part in larger events in the park such as the Respect Festival.

How Can You Help?

We are ALWAYS looking for people to get involved in whichever capacity suits them from making cakes to editing the web site!

  • Help in the cafe kitchen (every two months in the spring, summer and autumn).
  • Bake cakes for the cafes.
  • Join a sub-committee to organise an event.
  • Help at events.
  • Help with design of flyers ad posters.
  • Help with hut maintenance.
  • Come along to meetings and have your say (approximately every six weeks).
  • Become an officer of the committee with special responsibility.

If you have skills to offer contact the Secretary ( or call 01392 272793

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